14 Feb 2007

Reconcilation, rebirth, rejoicing

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“It was just like it used to be when Island Breeze was with us in the earlier days,” said long-time YWAMer Sarah Williams.

During Island Breeze’s ministry at the Ohana court on Monday evening, men and women wept at the cross. The story of Jesus’ death and ressurection told visually by the Island Breeze team and magnified by the Holy Spirit struck deep into the hearts of many. Their demonstration of humility caused several to drop to their knees, for it became like holy ground. During a solemn moment, people laid down their lives, and recommitted themselves to Jesus.

Warrior cries resounded many times, not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities over the Hawaiian island.

During the meeting people streamed to one or more stations: water for pure heart and hands; reconciling with their brothers and sisters; healing; the ten commandments hung on the back wall; the throne represented allowing God have total control.

After a prayer of confession, the heaviness lifted and the evening flowed into songs of celebration, literally raising the roof with cheers of joy and release.

Photos by Bev Thomas and Thema Black

The cross, the center of all that happened during the first evening led by Isalnd Breeze Island Breeze … Women Crying over their dead as they 2000 years ago outside Jerusalem … Dying to self before the Cross … From many places they come and they worship the One At the end its about Celebration …

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