25 Aug 2009

Nations2Nations in Oslo!!

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Olso N2N

“The Kingdom of God is not about tolerating differences, but embracing diversity”.

With this theme in our hearts and mind, and from September 23 through October 3rd, Oslo will witness the first Nations2Nations event held in Norway. Multiple DTS from around the country and all the churches in Norway have been invited to contributed in expressing diversity and unity.
For more info please visit: www.n2n.no
We would love to extend our invitation to you and if you are in the region and would like to participate please contact n2n@ywam.no See you there!

2 Responses to “Nations2Nations in Oslo!!”

  1. John says:

    Hi Dear all
    Praise the Lord all of you,
    I am John, I am 24 years old. my father is Pr Kashmir and my uncle is Pr Yunas. I am aslo doing in ministry.
    We need you prayer and supports. Pray for our ministry.
    we will pray for you. our teams is doing hard working i the ministry. Our God is using with you power of the healling. He loves all the peoples.

    In Christ!
    Every Blessings

    Church of Salvation
    Punjab (india)

  2. Marylin Mashek says:

    Wouldn’t this only be relevant in the States?