16 Feb 2007

Kona Clebrates the Nations …

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We will let the pictures do the talking …. can you hear the rhythms? can you hear the heart of God Celebrating?

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All images Courtesy of Thema Black, Kona Hawaii.

6 Responses to “Kona Clebrates the Nations …”

  1. LarryJCP says:

    God Rules in Hawaii!!!

    …And N2N is one of His messengers, this is a beautiful demonstration of God’s Power across diversity.

    We praise the Lord for this event and for all upcoming!

    Blessings for everybody!

    Caracas, Venezuela

  2. Edwin Fillies says:

    Dear Joseph
    Thanks for the blog. Even though I was in kona the pictures are such a true reflection of what God did. This time marked us and I came back challenged and changed. It was not only a time to give but also a time to receive. I was moved to tears when God used a young aboriginal from Australia who participated in the Brisbane N2N last September to speak with such authority about God’s heart for the first nations peoples ( 350 mil in 70 countries ). It led us to a time of application where we had those representing first nations peoples in our midst to stand up so we could pray for the voiceless. One by one they stood up; a Mohawkin girl from the largest reserve in Canada, an Eskimo from Alaska, an Australian aboriginal,and others. There was such a cry from there hearts to see their people set free from slavery to alcohol a lack of identity and suicide. The next day the Mohawkin girl came with tears in her eyes to thank me for our prayers. She didn’t know how she was going to pay for her outreach but while they prayed for her and her people someone gave her 2000 USD towards her outreah. It truly takes the nations to relase the nations!

  3. Jessica says:

    Elaine, you are just to funny. Don’t ever loose your sense of humor.

  4. Manuel Alejandro says:

    Great time for Nations to Nations, time to be born in the heart of the Nations. Good idea with this blog where the nations have their voice and their acho will be hear until the end of the Earth. Blessing from the full grace land of Venezuela.

    Manuel Alejandro