02 May 2007

It has begun …

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N2N LTS Davao 2007

The Nations 2 Nations LTS started with the Leaders Armando Benner and Edwin Fillies and the LTS staff attending the 35th YWAM Philippines National conference, hosted by the YWAM Davao who is also hosting the Leadership Training School. Over 300 people (YWAMers) from over 35 nations attended the conference. The guest speaker, Mr. Ricardo Saludo, Secretary of Cabinet of the Philippines, was sent by the president of the Philippines to represent her and to deliver her speech. The Leadership Training School officially started on the 29th April 2007. It started with a bang, as 71 students from over 22 nations gathered for the opening night where they sang, prayed, cried and worshiped the one true God in they own Language and traditional clothes. (Revelation 7:9 “After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.”)

Conference Speaker Prayer N2N LTS Leaders & Staff in Jeepny (Philippine local taxi) …

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  1. Gwen says:

    Chacun de nous est appelé par Dieu, même quand nous ne sommes pas “aware” de cette appelle. Chacun denous est un dirigeant, u exemple pour quelqu’un, nous devons donc être attentifet vigilant quand a nos actions.
    J’ai la ferme conviction que ces 3 mois vont être crucial quand a ma compréhension et vision de Jésus, du leader qu’il est, et de l’exemple que je dois suivre.
    On verra bien ….

  2. Spid says:

    Ha sido una bendicion tremenda el estar en este LTS N2N, la adoracion tan chida,las naciones. Dioos bendiga a este movimineto.

  3. gigi&silma says:

    grabehhh..maayo kaayo gyud ang GINOO!!basta maayo gyud so far ang among kasinatian,nga nagkita-kita mi diri tanan,gikan sa nagkalain-laing nasud!!!grabeh gyud si LORD!!dili nako masukod ang akong kalipay sa pagkakaron!!maayo gyud kaayo ang GINOO!!iya tanan ang Himaya!!!Salamat kaayo..

  4. Steve & Angie says:

    Que maravilha para estar aqui nesta escola e reunião das nações. Nós samos muitos abençoados por Deus que podemos participar e achar os tesouros escondidos das nações entre nosso meio. Vamos como líderes chamar todas as nações para alcançar todas as nações para a gloria de Jesus!!

  5. april says:

    dako gid ang akon nga pagpasalamat sa aton nga Amay nga gintagaan ko Niya sang prebelihyo nga makaapil ko sa sini na pagbansay. Indi gid matungkad ang akon nga kalipay nga gin-dala ko Niya diri kag akon mabati ang Iyang gugma kag pag-amoma sa akon.

  6. virmz says:

    Been awesome to be in here and learned a lot already in the last 2 weeks and things are just getting better every week. Also amazing to discover and appreciate the treasures that are in the different cultures that are represented in here.

  7. Katlea says:

    I believe this is a Divine appointment for me. I am greatful to be a part of Nations2nations LTS here in Davao. Everyday there is a fresh revelation from God.

    God has given us strategies, and part of it is to grap the opportunity in strategic friendship/relationship among YWAMers in different nations despite of diversity.

    During the first two weeks, I was amazed to see How God loves variety… We are different (culturally) but there is one thing that ignite us… and that is the passion and the LOVE for GOD.

    Thanks Armando and Edwin and the the rest of the LTS staff. You are such a big influence to me. MABUHAY KAYO!

  8. sebastianfrancis says:

    man……it’s been really a blessing to be here with LTS.
    HAMARA PROGRAMME BAHUTH BADIYA HAI BAI,(don’t be afraid its hindi)

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