13 Feb 2007

It began with 4 steps …

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It all began in prayer as the Kona team was seeking the Lord how to start the week. How does one begin a week celebrating Diversity and Unity, expressions that are rooted on only in culture but in the person of who God is? The Lord spoke about walking through 4 stations : cleansing (waters), reconciliation (honoponopono), healing (seasalts), covenant(commandments). Then the throne of God and the cross being central. We will let the pictures do the talking ….

All we can say is: Praise the Lord its begun well …

Cleansing …Offering …The Cross …Reconciliation …The islands celebrate …All worship …

here is a youtube link as a teaser

Thank you Pieter Heres for the Update!

3 Responses to “It began with 4 steps …”

  1. Armando Benner says:

    The picture with my Palestinian friend deeply touched me. It was a time of tears, where both nations Palestine and Israel embraced one another. It takes the Nations to realese the Nations. Salaam, Shalom, Armando

  2. pieter mckarthy says:

    i am sooo blessed to be with many friends from all over the nations,god is doing great things ,thanx for inviting us to kona,may the students burn with holy passion for christ
    thanx team you were awesome

  3. Catherine Rivera says:

    Great to see the healing of the nations, good to see your still going full on armando and team.