25 May 2007

God at work in the Philippines

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The last few weeks have seen us travel an amazing journey with God. Our lives will never be the same again. The Nations2Nations Leadership School that is taking place in the Philippines is a reflection of heaven on earth, where nations from the most forgotten regions of the world are making their contribution with dignity and as equals. The joy of hearing these young leaders worshipping Jesus in Hindi, Shan, Cebuano, Cambodian, Burmese, French Creole and many other languages is a glimpse of that day when all the nations will be gathering before the throne of God and give glory to Jesus. The week with Tom Hallas, one of the fathers in our mission, was so defining as he spoke on “Why leaders fail”. God met us in a powerful way as our wrong concept of God, authority figures and lies about God’s ability and motivation were exposed. We all agreed with Tom at the end of the week and declared: “I’m the child the Father always wanted”.
The following week, Jim Orred spoke on how to raise up leaders and spot potential. He demonstrated his confidence in this generation as he co-taught with Sunawh, a 24 years old. The teaching in the classroom was taken beyond the four walls as they met tirelessly with dozens of students and staff praying, listening and encouraging them.
The highlight of the week is the Friday night Nations2Nations meal where each week a region in the world demonstrate to us their treasures. These lovefeasts and celebrations have become major teachings in themselves, with God’s hospitality for the nations affirmed. Please check out www.myspace.com/nations2nations for some videos and a slideshow.

5 Responses to “God at work in the Philippines”

  1. Spid says:

    Ha sido un mes increible, de verdad puedo decir que Dios esta abriendo mi entendimiento de lo valioso que las Naciones son o somos, y la belleza de adorar a nuestro Dios juntos.

  2. Colovatti says:

    Malandro panitas, necesitamos ver cosas a ese nivel. Pa’ lante
    Colovatti Cochabamba

  3. Nitsuga says:

    This is a true representatiopn of heaven on earth. I want to join your movement. Nitsuga

  4. Gwen says:

    “A voice for the voiceless”… It’s true, it’s so great to hear the shan people worshipping the Most high, the Cambodian dancing, ….
    I fo pa nou oubli sak lé oublié, sak i gan’ pa kosé, a koz nouté Bon Dié la pa, oubli a zot !! …”in voi pou sak la poin”….

  5. dodi says:

    Man this is the bomb,i wish more people would comment ,come on guys get this stuff out there not just this blog .looks like people are not checking this blog but the same people over and over