03 May 2007

Day of Prayer (May 3) …

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On the 3 th of Mayl Nations to Nations LTS was joining the 24 hour Global Prayer day.
One of the main Prayer Points adressed circled around the whole issue of the safety and protection of YWAM as an international organisation.

Over the last years, there has been an obvious increase of accidents, illnesses, deaths and crisises all over YWAM. This effected both, individuals as well as schools and ministries.

As the students were stepping into the gap for the current needs of YWAMers globally, God was moving and again revealed His great love and passion over His people, His nations, and His world.

It was interesting to see how God was guiding the students hearts to pray for this issue and how other passionate prayers came out of that. At this fasting day, the LTS began to pray for the continents of this world. Each continent had at least 3 representatives amongst the school attendants.
The session ended with prayers for the many youngsters of YWAM Davao / YWAM and their future, as our next generation of powerful witnesses of God.

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