26 May 2007

See & Listen …

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Check out the latest sounds and sights of N2N LTS!

25 May 2007

God at work in the Philippines

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The last few weeks have seen us travel an amazing journey with God. Our lives will never be the same again. The Nations2Nations Leadership School that is taking place in the Philippines is a reflection of heaven on earth, where nations from the most forgotten regions of the world are making their contribution with dignity and as equals. The joy of hearing these young leaders worshipping Jesus in Hindi, Shan, Cebuano, Cambodian, Burmese, French Creole and many other languages is a glimpse of that day when all the nations will be gathering before the throne of God and give glory to Jesus. The week with Tom Hallas, one of the fathers in our mission, was so defining as he spoke on “Why leaders fail”. God met us in a powerful way as our wrong concept of God, authority figures and lies about God’s ability and motivation were exposed. We all agreed with Tom at the end of the week and declared: “I’m the child the Father always wanted”.
The following week, Jim Orred spoke on how to raise up leaders and spot potential. He demonstrated his confidence in this generation as he co-taught with Sunawh, a 24 years old. The teaching in the classroom was taken beyond the four walls as they met tirelessly with dozens of students and staff praying, listening and encouraging them.
The highlight of the week is the Friday night Nations2Nations meal where each week a region in the world demonstrate to us their treasures. These lovefeasts and celebrations have become major teachings in themselves, with God’s hospitality for the nations affirmed. Please check out www.myspace.com/nations2nations for some videos and a slideshow.

03 May 2007

Day of Prayer (May 3) …

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On the 3 th of Mayl Nations to Nations LTS was joining the 24 hour Global Prayer day.
One of the main Prayer Points adressed circled around the whole issue of the safety and protection of YWAM as an international organisation.

Over the last years, there has been an obvious increase of accidents, illnesses, deaths and crisises all over YWAM. This effected both, individuals as well as schools and ministries.

As the students were stepping into the gap for the current needs of YWAMers globally, God was moving and again revealed His great love and passion over His people, His nations, and His world.

It was interesting to see how God was guiding the students hearts to pray for this issue and how other passionate prayers came out of that. At this fasting day, the LTS began to pray for the continents of this world. Each continent had at least 3 representatives amongst the school attendants.
The session ended with prayers for the many youngsters of YWAM Davao / YWAM and their future, as our next generation of powerful witnesses of God.

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02 May 2007

It has begun …

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N2N LTS Davao 2007

The Nations 2 Nations LTS started with the Leaders Armando Benner and Edwin Fillies and the LTS staff attending the 35th YWAM Philippines National conference, hosted by the YWAM Davao who is also hosting the Leadership Training School. Over 300 people (YWAMers) from over 35 nations attended the conference. The guest speaker, Mr. Ricardo Saludo, Secretary of Cabinet of the Philippines, was sent by the president of the Philippines to represent her and to deliver her speech. The Leadership Training School officially started on the 29th April 2007. It started with a bang, as 71 students from over 22 nations gathered for the opening night where they sang, prayed, cried and worshiped the one true God in they own Language and traditional clothes. (Revelation 7:9 “After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.”)

Conference Speaker Prayer N2N LTS Leaders & Staff in Jeepny (Philippine local taxi) …

21 Apr 2007

N2N Leadership Training School (LTS)

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With the start of the YWAM Philippine national staff gathering, the Nations to Nations LTS, a first in Asia will kick off. Around 60-70 students will be gathering from across the Nations with the majority from the Philipines to train and learn the Principles of Leadership. Stay tuned for more info in the next 3 months .. as we will update this site with infos and highlights.

N2N LTS team