12 Jun 2007

Nations2Nations LTS Photo’s

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11 Jun 2007

2nd Nations2Nations LTS Video

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You can also watch this video at You tube. You can also check out www.myspace.com/nations2nations and you can also sign up to become our friend.

10 Jun 2007

Week 5

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Last week, the Nations2Nations LTS in Davao had the privilege of having David Hamilton, the founder of 4K and the co – author of the books “Courageous Leaders and “Why Not Women”, as their guest speaker.

David inspired the students to be innovative and transforming in the ministries God has put on their hearts. The class was encouraged through his amazing testimonies to dream big and pray with faith, as they are planning and walking towards their vision. He shared powerful stories about his own devoted life in missions and definately left the students with new hope and with a new dimension of possibilities, for the establishment of Gods Kingdom here on earth.


10 Jun 2007

Week 4

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This week the Nations to Nations LTS welcomed Landa Cope as she came to speak about the content of her latest book called “The Old Testament Template”.
It was a challenging time as she gave a biblical worldview on the 7 spheres of society and challenged our thinking, raising many questions among the students and answering without any reserve. She especially touched on the areas of economics and government,
And brought a new understanding in those spheres and making it clear that there is no separation between what is sacred and what is secular. God wants us to understand that He is not more in the “church” and what we think is sacred than in what we think is secular.


26 May 2007

Week 3…

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This week in the Nations to Nations LTS, Jim Ored from Kona/Hawaii came to teach about: “How to spot, mentor and release leaders”.

He covered points like the different styles of authority, effects that makes or break good leadership, standards for eldership in councel and many more aspects, that gave good information and input about the essence of leadership from a biblical perspective.

Jim Ored travelled together with his young friend and “fellow leader” Sun-Awh Park. The two of them modelled in an amzazing way the dynamics of mentoring, eldership and discipleship, friendship and integrity. One could tell that both of them are working together as a strong and loving team, constantly championing and encouraging eachother. It was a delight to see the importance of different agegroups working and walking together and learning from one another.

Towards the end of the week, Jim was calling out the leadership team of the Nations to Nations LTS and began praying and releaseing them in their great vision of ministry. Many students stood up and proclaimed thanksgiving, encouragements and prophetic visions to the leadership of Nations to Nations and to their work with LTS.

The main prayer for Nations to Nations was multiplication – a new wave that would birth more laborers of places that were never heard of and where people never had the opportunity to speak up. The promise that the class felt God is giving N2N is that He will give them the nations that are still unnoticed. God will give them eyes to see them as these nations and cultures really are and meant to be.

Edwin Fillis – as the one with the great “fatherheart” for the Nations and Armando Benner – as the one people are drawn to and that leads naturally on a friendship level, are both leaders of the N2N LTS in Davao City.
It is inspiring to see them both whole heartedly giving the nations of Gods earth equality and credibility.

Week3 images Washing of the feet … Jim Orred and Students